Transformative Spacing is a holistic interior design company known for connecting people to their spaces, their community and themselves.

Serving Hudson Valley and NYC

Holistic Design Consultation

Perfect for the do-it-yourselfers. Gives you the tools you need to create a space that is a true reflection of you and your lifestyle. 

Styling Services

Professional photo styling and staging service geared for our local real estate agents, rental property owners and home sellers.

Full-Service Interior Design

A service for our larger scale projects.

Bringing  your entire home, restaurant, boutique, and/or studio to life.

our design process

Design Consultation


Design Presentation


Finishing Touches



Choose from the following services to create your own personalized project.

Furniture Arrangement

The way the furniture is arranged in your space makes a big difference on how inviting and how spacial it feels. 

Hard Surface Selection

Countertop, backsplash, cabinet color, finish, hardware and fixtures enhance your overall kitchen or bathroom design.

Paint Color Selection

A beautiful color palette not only a reflection of you and your aesthetic to your guests it also connects all of the other elements in your space. 


Changing the fabric of a piece you love can truly transform the look and give it a fresh new feel.

Flooring Selection

Flooring needs to fit the lifestyle of those there and help tie the aesthetic in with the rest of the space.

Furnishings Refresh

Updating furniture, lighting, artwork, accents and accessories transforms an outdated space.


Out with the old, in with the new. Minimizing your clutter helps maximize your space. 

Home Energy Cleanse

Elevating the energy in your home through Reiki techniques uplifts the mood of those in it. 


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