Transformative Spacing


Struggling with organization is a common occurrence. A life changing event, move, or transitional period can all lead to disorganization. 

Starting can be overwhelming, stressful, complicated and can lead many to feeling helpless and lost. Familiar occurrences are wasting hours looking for misplaced items, purchasing items you already own, missing important deadlines, accumulation of clutter, and/or missing out on activities that matter. 

Transformative Spacing takes an individualized approach to meet everyone’s needs. I sit down with my clients to discuss their specific goals and find solutions to help them get there. I hold a Professional Organizing Certificate in Life Transitions and Residential Organizing from the National Association of Productivity and Organizing. 



Clearing out spaces to remove unwanted items or items that are no longer needed.

General Home Organizing

Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Home Office, Basement, Garage, Living Room, Closets, Playroom, Pantry, Paper and Digital Files

Move Management

Unpacking, Donate Items, Pre-Moving Organizing, Post-Moving Organizing

Coaching/ Maintenance

Help clients implement efficient organizational systems & processes and identify areas for improvement.