Transformative Spacing


"To say that Brooke is an absolute gem in this industry is an understatement. I brought Brooke in to assist with my move into a new apartment. She helped me to unpack, organize, sift through boxes that had been in storage for over 10 years, stage my apartment with my existing contents, fill in spaces with new accent pieces within my budget, while also helping me to develop a cohesive aesthetic. Brooke brings a unique softness while suggesting changes. She easily created trust while helping me go through personal contents and understood exactly what I needed and when. Her balance of design and professionalism mixed with her incredible personality made this transition seamless and so incredibly enjoyable - something I did not expect to get out of this move. She has an unbelievable eye for detail and the structure of a space, creating an environment that is both functional and practical but also beautiful, homey and warm. I cannot say enough about Brooke, she is exceptional and comes highly recommended."

- Lauren, Kingston

"Right now, I’m in the process of downsizing and selling my home by myself. I thought I could do this on my own, but a friend recommended I reach out to Brooke for a consultation. I needed Brooke much more than I thought! I simply adore her! At the consultation, Brooke meticulously went through my home and gave me brilliant suggestions about furniture placement, edits, organizing tips — all with a buyer’s eye in mind. I thought I was able to do this, but after hearing Brooke’s expert recommendations and reading her detailed report, I see why there are professionals! And Brooke surely is that. She’s not only an expert at this, she’s got a keen and sensitive eye, she’s enthusiastic, motivational, and inspirational. She clearly loves what she does and puts a lot of love into her work. She made me feel so comfortable and at ease about the process, at a time that is anything but.  Since this is FSBO, Brooke also provided me with really great real estate advice and tips, that will no doubt pay off. Brooke’s refined and superb eye, coupled with her upbeat and positive demeanor make her a dream to work with. I’ve been recommending her to all my friends who are downsizing or in need of organizing or staging."

- Alice, New Paltz

"I've tried on my own to make my apartment something I love to come home to, but I just don't have the vision. Brooke is a genius at seeing the possibilities and although we are still in the process, I am so excited for what my space can be! Brooke is the real deal... professional, passionate about what she does, she listened closely to me and what I wanted while weaving in her own expertise. She obviously loves her work and it shows. Highly recommended!"

- Diane, Pawling

"My life has literally been transformed after Brooke not only organized my apartment but my salon as well. I could not be happier with the results and she even sends you action plans and tips to stay organized. Life saver! I highly recommend Brooke she's so professional and really loves helping people become organized. You can tell she really enjoys what she does!"

- Lauren, Poughkeepsie

"I had a consultation with Brooke because I was tired of having a cluttered house and closets, and that everything felt like a dumping ground for my family members.  I knew we needed a system.  Clutter gives me anxiety, and with 4 kids and my own business, I don't have time to be everyone's maid.  Although I was not on board with my husband's idea of REMOVING a closet in the mudroom, Brooke came in and helped organize our other closets and designate space for all of the stuff in that closet, plus room for more!  Brooke taught me how to categorize, organize and designate spaces.  I am really happy to have learned this, and I am glad that our kids are learning these skills too!  We moved on to my daughters' bedrooms and closets, as well as my office, and in no time everything felt brighter and we had so much more space.  There are no more toys in our living room!! We can also find things more easily, which is a time saver. I find it quicker to pick up.  Brooke is very easy to work with.  She was very objective, but at the same time we had great conversation the entire time.  It was like working with a sister but without the judgement!"

- Janine, Walker Valley