Transformative Spacing


Creating a great first impression in a space can be challenging. Transformative Spacing helps in deciding on a focal point of a room, emphasizing the positive elements, choosing decor that complete the space and creating a color palette that compliments all of these features. Whether you are looking for a DIY Consultation to help you get started or need help with a complete home makeover from start to finish we can help. We transform spaces so that your personality and your lifestyle shines through. 


Redesign/ Interior Styling

Furnishings, paint, fixtures all make a big difference in the look of your home. We use what is already there along with our design techniques to transform your space to its fullest potential. You and your family's goals for the home as well as your lifestyle is the foundation for this process. From there we create a space that is beautiful, comfortable and complete. 

Move-In Redesign

Moving into a new home is a big transition. During this time we can help you make decisions on what to bring with you and what to leave behind in order to create balance, flow, proportion and scale in your new space. During this service we will create a personal style that reflects who you are and a color palette that can be used for fabric, paint and furnishings throughout your home.