Transformative Spacing

home staging

Creating a great first impression in a space can be challenging. The number one reason a buyer purchases a home is because it was warm, inviting and there was an emotional connection.  Transformative Spacing works with your home's needs, buyer demographic and market in order to transform each room for a faster, more profitable sale. We approach each room as the buyer would and help in deciding the focal point of the room, emphasizing the positive elements, choosing decor that complete the space and creating a color palette that compliments these features. We do this by either working with what's there or using our own inventory to complete the space.


Home Staging Consultation

In this in-home consultation, we will conduct a thorough evaluation of the furnished property from the Buyer's perspective. In each of the major rooms we will determine the necessary steps to depersonalize and de-clutter, renovate and rejuvenate so that you get the best price possible. We pay careful attention to all of the details (furniture placement, lighting, style, color, appliances, wall and ceiling conditions, molding, flooring, bathroom fixtures, etc.) to ensure the maximum return on investment. At the end of the visit you will be provided with an Action Plan that will make your home Open House ready. 

Occupied Staging

A Home Staging Consultation is required before we stage your home. Working from our Action Plan we create a vision or lifestyle that the buyer will aspire to and love. We transform your space to get it in show-ready condition using our organizational services, arranging with our local contractor for any enhancements and repairs, choosing the right furniture and decor to use, furnishing placement, furniture rental (if necessary), shopping for additional accessories (if needed), and promoting the listing. Different packages are offered based on the level of staging.

Vacant Staging

In this service we transform a blank canvas to an appealing home by choose furnishings specific to the property's needs and to the lifestyle of the buyer who fit the demographic. After our consultation with you, we will prepare a cost proposal describing the scope of the work, a project plan and all the associated costs, including furniture and accessories rental. Furniture from a rental company or from our own inventory is arranged for and decorative accessories are purchased or provided on a rental basis. Fees for this service is based on the size of the property and the level of staging.


Have a space  that needs staging but don't have the furnishings to do so? We can help you style the space with our own inventory and/or items from our favorite furniture companies. We work off of what you already have, the style and your budget. Here's a few of our favorite items!